10 acre lake on a 17 acre site… with, at present 6 swims, but with the potential to make more.

The lake was dammed in the 1600’s and is featured on the Cassini maps of the time and is therefore protected … this is the very highest protection granted to property and only a handful of lakes in France enjoy this privilege. It was originally used as the hunting venue for the famous chateau in the village.

The dam is extremely solid and is made entirely of stone and is oak lined.

The lake is fed by run off from the surrounding fields and a couple of springs.

Other key points

Surrounded by woods and farmland
Natural looking
Large flat grassy banks

A nice fish from BlueCamp

Depths range from 3 - 6ft which mean that the lake warms quickly in the spring and produces good fishing from March onwards. The lake is fairly weed free.

There is an abundance of carp in the lake to 50+lbs… and is marketed, due to prolific catches, as a runs water. In addition we have a number of very large catfish record stands at 90lbs, also we have small numbers of perch and pike for predatory purposes. There are NO poisson chat or crayfish.

There are catch reports to support this.